* Gifties from My Lovely Friend, Ritty! *

Hi My Lovely Friends!

A special hello to Ritty! ^_^ Sorry it’s taken me all this time to post this!

Below you will see the lovely gifts my friend Ritty sent me from China! It was so exciting to receive these and open them. I have a video up on my youtube page of me trying these foods. ^_^ I’ll put the link at the end of this post.

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 gift pic 5 gift pic 4 gift pic 3 gift pic 2 gift pic 1

MaceyLouBrown on Youtube

Thanks for reading, friends! :)


Thursday Thoughts #3: Concerning Fake People

Hi My Lovelies,

Today the topic is fake people. These people are those that seem sweet on the outside, but on the inside lurks darkness and sometimes evil. They might appear to treat someone politely, when in reality, what they are saying and doing is cutting deep for the person involved. These fakers are sometimes also bullies. They may love to bully people and treat them horribly for no reason and in a way that can’t be easily detected by others in the environment.

Many times there is absolutely no reason for these fakers to bully the people they bully. They simply do it because they are insecure and want attention driven away from themselves. Sometimes they want lots of attention and do what they do because of the immense desire for that attention. It’s pathetic, really, how people can treat others so harshly and not even care or look at themselves and what they’re doing.

Most of the time, they just end up making themselves look like complete and utter fools. Often they will talk about the most outrageous things to stir people up and give them as much attention as humanly possible, even if it makes them look really bad.

I’ve outlined different types of fake people:

  1. The Seemingly Sweet Faker
  2. The “I’m always angry at everything” Faker {No one can really be that angry all the time}
  3. The Fake Friend
  4. The Faker That Feeds On Gossip
  5. The Bullying Fake Person {The worst}
Some people are such fakers that they are a mix of 2 or more of the above. Yeah. Look out for these fakers, my lovelies. They are about as selfish as they come.
Hearts & Stars,