Sketchbook Wednesday #1

Hello My Lovelies, Yes! We’re starting off the schedule RIGHT! I did my “homework assignment” and took some photos of the first page in my new sketchbook. I am trying to start a comic book, by sketching in a sketchbook. After all the pages are sketched and ready, I will make any edits, changes, revisions, etc. Then I will ink the pages. I’m not sure what type of ink yet, but we’ll see. I’ve been wanting to create a full comic book story for some time now. I have actually finished a very short comic book before, but it was much fewer pages in length than this sketchbook. It may have been around fourteen pages. I can’t remember for certain, and I don’t have it on hand. I hope you all enjoy looking at these very rough sketches. Image With this first page, I am setting the backdrop for my story. The town looks very, well, unique to say the least. It’s full of abnormally tall, yet skinny, buildings that look like they could topple over at any given moment. Image Of course I had to put an art supply shop in the little town. Image I have no idea what to call this little town yet, but it will come to me eventually, I’m sure. Image Above: I designed a 400 x 400 pixel graphic for my blog. Posting it as a little extra design for you all today. Image And last, but not least is a photo I took a couple years ago, slapped my logo and website on it a few minutes ago, and decided to post it. This is also just a little extra sunshine to brighten your day. Do you guys and girls like to illustrate, design, or photograph things? Leave me a comment about it below! Hearts & Stars, MaceyLou