Hello My Lovely Friends,

I am Macey Brown, but you can call me MaceyLou. I am a 27 year old artist, graphic designer, writer, singer, sewer, crafter, shopper, etc. Yes, I have too many hobbies and such to count. I am adding to the list a brand new blog. This is the blog. I hope you all are as ready as I am to take a journey into the world and see what all there is to do and find in it. Whether it is the online world or the one outside our windows, let us enjoy it as best we can, shall we?

I have been drawing/sketching/doodling, or whatever you prefer to call it since I was in a highchair. The love I always had for drawing an image on paper grew into too many interests to count, from illustration to writing a novel to writing a song, I love just about anything in the creative realms.

All too often I find myself with my head too full with things I wish I would do or things I should have done creatively. This is where I can discipline myself to do it. At least, that is my hope and my dream. My dream above all is to put content out there that will inspire, spark a feeling, or just make someone giggle.

So if you wouldn’t mind joining me on my crazy little adventure, I would be oh so honored.

Hearts & Stars,